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Nose to Tail Paw Balm 1.5oz - Soothes and Moisturizes

Soothing Cream to Moisturize Dry Cracked Skin on Noses, Elbows, and Paws.  

  • Moisturize your dog’s nose, elbows, or paws with ease. Dry skin can be uncomfortable, unsightly, and unsafe for your dog's nasal or foot region. Use our specially formulated all natural balm to improve your dog’s skin or hot spots.  Quickly soothes problem areas and protects skin. Use daily for maintenance.
  • Protect and soothe from heat, sand, snow/ice and salt
  • Ingredients include Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Orgnaic Sweet Almond Oil, natural Beeswax, and non-GMO Vitamin E oil.
  • Buy with confidence - handcrafted in the United States of the highest quality ingredients

Tips & Application Directions:
Gently rub a generous amount of balm on the area.  Can be applied daily.

Distract your dog after applying to the spot you’re targeting. Give them their favorite dog treat, brush their hair, or play with them. It’s perfectly safe for your pup to lick the balm off but for best results allow time for the balm to completely soak in.

Works well on pup parents too!  Try it on your heels and hands.  Flip flop season is just around the corner.  Mechanics, truck drivers, farmers, gardeners, anybody who really abuses their hands.