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Who is Bandit Biscuits?

I am the Biscuit Queen or so my friends tell me.  The catalyst for the creation of Bandit’s Biscuits was the day I realized that the dog treats I was giving my dogs were horrible.  They were full of chemicals, artificial flavors and colors. I was determined that they would have better.

I started baking treats for my dogs.  I wanted to know what was in the treats and I made sure they were healthy.  I had fun experimenting with recipes and ingredients. Not only did my dogs love the treats but I shared with friends and family.  They kept encouraging me to start selling them. I thought they were crazy. I would be chained to my kitchen day and night to make enough treats to sell.  When I came to the realization that I didn’t have to do this alone, Bandit’s Biscuits was born. I hired a baker to help me make the treats, designers to help me create the packaging, I learned how to run a business.  It is challenging. There were times when I really doubted that I could do it. But I am determined.

The reason I started this journey was because I loved my dogs and wanted the best for them.  It makes me very happy to provide them and dogs across the country with great tasting, healthy dog treats.  Bandit’s Biscuits is just the beginning. I’m continuing to explore other ways to improve the lives of dogs and their people with safe, wholesome products.