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February 04, 2018 1 min read

Bandit came into our lives after a concerted effort by four very persuasive children to get another dog.  Dad was working out of state and Mom was home with us kids.  She was at our mercy and we wore her down.  We were always scouring the newspaper ads pointing out good prospects.  She finally consented (caved) to go look at a litter of cocker spaniel puppies. 

So, over the river and through the woods (literally) we went to the farmer’s house.  We played and played with the puppies.  Three of us agreed on the puppy we wanted.  A bold little boy – blonde with a white blaze and freckles on his nose.  The only hold out was my 3 year old brother.  He held his little red puppy clenched tight to his chest declaring that he was taking his puppy home.  No amount a cajoling would work.  We were at a stalemate. 

Then with the wisdom of old farmers, the farmer gathered all of the puppies and put them back in their box.  Lifting a puppy back out and handing it to my little brother.  Declaring “Here’s your puppy”.  My brother happily toddled off to the car.  Clenching a beautiful blonde puppy.

 And this is how Bandit became part of our family.