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April 12, 2019 2 min read

For a variety of reasons, your pet may need regular injections. Today’s blog post is submitted by a pet owner, Nicole, whose pup has diabetes. 


Our dog, Wyatt, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was seven years old, just over one year ago. Some breeds are more prone to the development of diabetes and poodles are one of them. The first signs we had to his diagnosis were unquenchable thirst and lots of potty accidents in the house (both atypical for him). I will admit we should not have waiting so long to take him in – at first we thought it was just a symptom of him aging, but his blood sugars were way too high. If your dog is exhibiting any of these signs or showing others, such as being lethargic or a change in eating habits, please get your pet to the vet ASAP.

Our veterinarian worked with us to get his blood sugar under control and trained us in his injections – which he will need twice every day forever. Every dog is different, but since Wyatt is small he requires very little insulin. Interestingly, we are able to use regular human insulin found at our local pharmacy!

It was a bit overwhelming at first because he learned to run and hide from us, making the whole process pretty difficult --- enter Bandit’s Biscuits!

Once we started giving him a treat after each shot he now runs to me when I get the insulin out of the fridge and is so excited to get his yummy treat (blueberry is his favorite!). Rewarding a pet after a shot with a treat and a belly rub can make a big difference! As a pet owner, I also appreciate Bandit’s Biscuits approach to healthy dog treats and all natural ingredients.

Wyatt’s biggest fan,

Nicole H.